Over the years, both Nathan and Scarlett have been approached by relatives, friends, neighbors, and many who were referred seeking advice on a multitude of issues. Some topics or questions were complex, some simple, but both took the time to answer them. They both enjoy helping people. Although neither are doctors, they have been blessed with some intelligence, a lot of common sense, and a vast pool of knowledge and experience to draw upon. You can read about Scarlett and Nathan below.

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Hi, I'm Scarlett Dunn. I've written twelve novels, a cookbook, and co-authored one how-to book. I have also ghost-written for several authors. My experience includes twenty years in the international corporate world, and twelve years as CEO of my own company. During that time, I was fortunate to travel the world and observe and interact with various cultures. I'm an outdoor enthusiast and enjoy many sports including running/walking/hiking/tennis. Nathan tells me I also make a mean lasagna and bake a mouth-watering cherry pie. I have been married, had a child, and, unfortunately, divorced. I have dated, been engaged, alone, happy, sad, confused, and content. I don't have all the answers, but I have a lot of them, and if I don't, Nathan (that man below) probably does. Between us, I am confident we can answer any question you might have. And if we can't, we'll find a logical answer for you.

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And I'm Nathan Combs. My background is much different than Scarlett's, yet similar. Double talk, right? Not really. I was in the Navy, was an EMT and a LEO for twelve years, and then ran my own National company for twenty years. I've been an avid outdoorsman for as long as I can remember. When it looked like we might go to war with the Soviet Union, I began to study and practice survival. That became a passion and continues to this day. In fact, Scarlett is positive that I've forgotten more about survival than most people will ever know, which is not true, but I do know a lot about survival. I've been a realtor (hated it), built and operated my own website specializing in survival supplies, retired, got bored, and started another small business. I sold it after three years and then was bitten by the writing bug. I can lay claim to three novels, a survival book, and one how to write book, that I co-authored with the beautiful lady above. Oh yeah, I was married twice and have five kids. I'm that guy who doesn't really excel at anything but does a lot of things well. And as Scarlett alluded to, I've likely been in the situation you have a question about.